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The Challenge
by Pastor Paul


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Men - The Band of Brothers, or "BOB," meet Wednesdays, 7 pm at Superstition Springs Mall.

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"We like to think of New Song as a family of people striving to be focused, fulfilled, and fruitful in the way we lead our lives at home, at work, and in our communities. We think that a right relationship with God is the single most important key to fulfillment."

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We are facing one of our biggest challenges. We are on our own, and money is tight. BUT...

There is more "real Ministry" taking place right now than ever before. We are actually pursuing others with God, and I think that means that we will have more obstacles put in our way. We have to figure out ways to get around them—with Godís help.

We have a group of men that meets on Wednesday nights at the mall. It is meeting some great needs. We also have a group of women that meets on Tuesday nights at the mall, and it is also meeting some very important needs. We are starting a new Bible study group on Wednesday nights, while still having our prayer group that meets every Wednesday morning.

As I watch and listen, I know that God is working in our midst, but He has a lot more to do for us, and with us. We need your prayer support and your financial support as we continue to do the work that God has called us to. Keep praying and keep giving.

Who is it that God wants you to pursue? Remember, He will provide all of your needs as you take up the quest with Him. Our friends and relatives are being actively pursued by the world almost every minute of every day. We need to pursue them to remind them that God is alive and well, and willing to help them navigate through life.

In Christ,

Pastor Paul



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